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“…How do you dream while a mother has no chance to say good-bye?…” (Pink)

“A pair of US drone strikes in northwest Pakistan near the Afghan border have killed 13 people,…” (http://www.stuff.co.nz/world/asia/8141781/Drone-attacks-in-Pakistan-kill-13)

Should we say “Well, they killed the right ones. There was a warlord beneath those people – so what?”? It is never the right one! It is not OK to kill a person.

Mr Obama is responsible for killing people without charging them or even think about opening a trial against them. As well as for the constant violation of the sovereignty of Pakistan.

What about the damaging of the US-soldiers’ security in Afghanistan through drone attacks? Arent they much more of a threat than the disclosure of the Afghan war logs or the Wikileaks “collateral murder” video?

light them all up!

from the collateral murder video in the moment when the shooting starts

wounded Reuters employee in collateral murder video

second screenshot from collateral murder video showing wounded Reuters employee crawling on the ground shortly before getting killed by gun fire – with the transcription of the soldiers’ radio transmission

The US-President is able to stop this. Who is the boss?

It was by chance that I found a report about drone attacks that happened only hours ago when I searched for some footage. That tells a lot…

In 2012 I have met a soldier who was fighting in Afghanistan. He told me what he could see with his own eyes there. For example once at night US soldiers heard some noise nearby. They looked after it and found some shepherds. The soldiers killed them, for no reason – they were no threat, had no weapons.

With drone attacks, US and allied soldiers undertaking raids against civilian family households, etc. the killing and the misery will go on and on.

Dear Mr President, I urge you to do something about it. I urge you to take action.

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First of all I congratulate the revolting Egyptians on Tahrir Place, in front of the People’s Assembly and all around Egypt and the world for their brave efforts and peaceful fights. Keep on fighting. May God bless you. I am admiring your courage confronting this monster of a tumbling state. Hopefully there will grow more and more international solidarity.

The crackdown on the protesters is untold. So far Human Rights Watch estimates carefully that over 300 people have been killed mainly according to lists of the hospitals at the most important strategic places in the country, but expects the real figures to be much higher. Let us commemorate the victims as the courageous citizens on the street fighting for their rights and the rights of their families and fellow citizens against an unjust brutal regime. May they rest in peace. And may everyone be aware that they did not die for nothing.

As this is going on and US and EU politicians are paying their lip services to it, it has been reported that Abrams tanks possessed by the US-army were at the same time used allegedly by the Egyptian army during the crackdown on the 29th of January. Another thing is the report that an armored car of the US embassy in Cairo crashed in some pro Mubarak protesters. The US government claimed the car was stolen months ago. For details watch the latest news broadcast of Democracy Now, the War and Peace Report (www.democracynow.org).

Also gas bombs made in USA are used against the protesters in Egypt. I wonder how this topic looks regarding to the German Egypt relations. I could imagine it does not show much difference.

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