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Dear readers,

after some time of a lost blog the host at the salon is back. I hope I can welcome some of my readers from the last years and some new ones.

Today I have been to a little info booth in Traunstein, near to my home district. I am helping the group “Stopp TTIP Berchtesgadener Land / Traunstein” e.g. by setting up the website stoppttip.wordpress.com. Today we collected signatures for the European Citizens’ Initiative within the European association of over 200 organizations that are now collecting signatures against TTIP on a EU level. We got about 200 signatures today – oh yeah!

At 10th Oct. there was a big demonstration march of about 1,000 people going through Traunstein protesting against TTIP. It is said to be the biggest demonstration ever in this town.

TTIP contains many issues, for example copyright issues. The strict copyright rules in the EU could be inflicted on US-internet users as well.

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