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Birgitta Jónsdóttir

Birgitta Jónsdóttir (picture: wikileaks-movie.com)

– in favour of Wikileaks whistleblower PFC Bradley Manning (collateral murder video and other disclosures) –

Link to Democracy Now, the war and peace report, to an interview with Ms Jónsdóttir from today, 8 April 2013:

–> Video part 1…

“It is really time to stop the witch hunt” (Jónsdóttir)

–> Video part 2 (coming to Icelandic Pirate Party beneath others)

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“…How do you dream while a mother has no chance to say good-bye?…” (Pink)

“A pair of US drone strikes in northwest Pakistan near the Afghan border have killed 13 people,…” (http://www.stuff.co.nz/world/asia/8141781/Drone-attacks-in-Pakistan-kill-13)

Should we say “Well, they killed the right ones. There was a warlord beneath those people – so what?”? It is never the right one! It is not OK to kill a person.

Mr Obama is responsible for killing people without charging them or even think about opening a trial against them. As well as for the constant violation of the sovereignty of Pakistan.

What about the damaging of the US-soldiers’ security in Afghanistan through drone attacks? Arent they much more of a threat than the disclosure of the Afghan war logs or the Wikileaks “collateral murder” video?

light them all up!

from the collateral murder video in the moment when the shooting starts

wounded Reuters employee in collateral murder video

second screenshot from collateral murder video showing wounded Reuters employee crawling on the ground shortly before getting killed by gun fire – with the transcription of the soldiers’ radio transmission

The US-President is able to stop this. Who is the boss?

It was by chance that I found a report about drone attacks that happened only hours ago when I searched for some footage. That tells a lot…

In 2012 I have met a soldier who was fighting in Afghanistan. He told me what he could see with his own eyes there. For example once at night US soldiers heard some noise nearby. They looked after it and found some shepherds. The soldiers killed them, for no reason – they were no threat, had no weapons.

With drone attacks, US and allied soldiers undertaking raids against civilian family households, etc. the killing and the misery will go on and on.

Dear Mr President, I urge you to do something about it. I urge you to take action.

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Bradley Manning is the alleged whistle-blower behind the Wikileaks “collateral murder” video of its massive media campaign from last year:


The Army video shows how the attack engine “Crazy Horse 18” kills 11 civilians and severely injures two children with 30mm guns while flying above the houses of a Baghdad suburb. The murdered persons include two Reuters employees, their camera is falsely identified as small fire arm though it is obvious even in the low quality video what it really is. From the synchronised radio transmissions it gets further obvious that it was fun for the soldiers to gun down and kill the innocent people.

The US-Army stated that their acting in this case was correct and in accordance to the Army guidelines and that it would not know anything certain about the injuries of the victims. In reverse Bradley Manning is detained under solitary confinement since May in Quantico military brig, Virginia, without having been charged. He faces a trial in early 2011. Some voices in the US speak out for his death. Anyway he could face imprisonment for over 50 years.

I urge all who read this to join me in signing the appeal for the release of Bradley Manning under http://bradleymanning.org and/or write a personal letter to the head office of the Quantico military brig or phone the media officer there. Please look up information here.

Best regards


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