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Today (Saturday) I had the opportunity to meet a special vendor of fruits like strawberries and so on. I was chatting with him and it came up that he is his own boss and runs this business since half a year. He is trained as a cook and knows how his fruits have to be. Besides he knows all of his producers or at least how they work and sells only high quality fruits with transport distances as short as possible. I bought some strawberries, produced in Southern Germany, they were excellent.

This is a fine example, how smart and fair food business can be. And the fruit vendor is younger than 30 running his own business.

Another nice story is the one of a new cafe in town (opened December 2012). As I heard from its boss, they offer only fine coffee from a manufactory in southern Bavaria. The people from this producer order the coffee exclusively from the farmers in Latin America and Africa. They respect the workers and make sure a high quality. The same is true for the cafe. It is priceworthy and has got a broad selection of Tramezzini, breakfast, Crépes, cakes, organic teas, coffee, etc.

The atmosphere in the cafe is cosy, many modern design elements, but a comfortable composition and fine background music.

Good news! Best Practice(?)

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