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“Though time is the most precious, because most unrepeatable thing we have got, each time we look back, the thought about probably lost time let us become unquiet. Lost would be the time during which we had not lived as human beings, neither made experiences, learned something, had been creative, appreciated something or suffered from life.” – Dietrich Bonhoeffer, killed by the Nazi Regime April 1945, co-founder and martyr of the German Confessionist Church. Translation by the host at the salon,

German original poem:

“Da Zeit das Kostbarste, weil unwiederbringlichste Gut ist, über das wir verfügen, beunruhigt uns bei jedem Rückblick der Gedanke etwa verlorener Zeit. Verloren wäre die Zeit, in der wir nicht als Mensch gelebt, Erfahrungen gemacht, gelernt, geschaffen, genossen und gelitten hätten.”


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