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Dear colleagues, dear professor,

I take the chance to mention people who maybe are detained in an Italian prison in this moment or hiding in a cave at the north-African coast. They call them “illegal”, because they are not welcome in the countries where they seek shelter and a solid income.

About 4 years ago I came in touch with African refugees in a so-called open centre at Malta. The Africans who were frustrated by their situation in the small island state showed themselves as great hosts. Less than one and a half years later I conducted my bachelor’s thesis about the boat refugees in the Mediterranean. I wrote the thesis by heart, because the fate of the refugees is cruel and it gets time for a change of it.

Just recently I have received an appeal from Pro Asyl an umbrella organisation of German refugee aid. Pro Asyl explains the case of two deserters who fled Africa and came to Germany. Without plausible reasons and under the mockery of their judge they were repelled. […]

Unfortunately it is business as usual to force refugee boats to return or detain their passengers. They stay detained for months or years or instantly get repelled despite being threatened by torture or prison again. This is a grave violation of the non-refoulement principle. It says according to the Geneva Convention on Refugees, article 33 (1):

“None of the signing states will repell a refugee in any way to territories where his/her life or freedom is under threat, because of his/her race, religion, nationality, the membership to a certain social group or because of his/her political opinion.”

This means, the policies of Germany, Italy, France, Spain and so on causes that people who need help are repelled at the borders. With all consequences that later cannot even be kept track of.

I appeal on you to make clear to our responsible politicians that they get your vote only if they do not agitate against migrants and asylum seekers respectively. Gather information e.g. at www.proasyl.de and phone your deputies. Follow me and urge parliament and government to end the practice of deportations.

I conclude with the following statement of Reggae musician Tiken Jah Fakoly from Ivory Coast:

“You close your borders whereas you yourselves come to our countries as naturally as if you would go to the toilet! You come, whenever you want, ask for a visa and the next day you get it. They do not ask you too many questions. I don’t find this just and I hope that the youth in the Western world will awake!”

5-minutes-speech hold at the University of applied sciences Eberswalde, Germany

Human Cargo Deportation to Greece Report 2012 – to your attention

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“…How do you dream while a mother has no chance to say good-bye?…” (Pink)

“A pair of US drone strikes in northwest Pakistan near the Afghan border have killed 13 people,…” (http://www.stuff.co.nz/world/asia/8141781/Drone-attacks-in-Pakistan-kill-13)

Should we say “Well, they killed the right ones. There was a warlord beneath those people – so what?”? It is never the right one! It is not OK to kill a person.

Mr Obama is responsible for killing people without charging them or even think about opening a trial against them. As well as for the constant violation of the sovereignty of Pakistan.

What about the damaging of the US-soldiers’ security in Afghanistan through drone attacks? Arent they much more of a threat than the disclosure of the Afghan war logs or the Wikileaks “collateral murder” video?

light them all up!

from the collateral murder video in the moment when the shooting starts

wounded Reuters employee in collateral murder video

second screenshot from collateral murder video showing wounded Reuters employee crawling on the ground shortly before getting killed by gun fire – with the transcription of the soldiers’ radio transmission

The US-President is able to stop this. Who is the boss?

It was by chance that I found a report about drone attacks that happened only hours ago when I searched for some footage. That tells a lot…

In 2012 I have met a soldier who was fighting in Afghanistan. He told me what he could see with his own eyes there. For example once at night US soldiers heard some noise nearby. They looked after it and found some shepherds. The soldiers killed them, for no reason – they were no threat, had no weapons.

With drone attacks, US and allied soldiers undertaking raids against civilian family households, etc. the killing and the misery will go on and on.

Dear Mr President, I urge you to do something about it. I urge you to take action.

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I now changed the header image from the cartoon and the AK-47-fish to a picture of a herd of gnu which I took in the Etosha National Park of Namibia.

The fish was taken from a French poster about the documentary “Darwin’s Nightmare”. It shows the French title and beneath firstly a normal fish, then beneath the same fish, but half as skeleton and half as a gun (which was the part I used in my blog), and thirdly the fish has completely changed into a gun.

The poster tells the main story of the documentary. As I know it goes about the delivering of weapons from industrial countries to the region of the Lake Victoria in Africa. After deliberating what they could take back in the empty aeroplanes they decided to bring a new fish into Lake Victoria. It was called Lake Victoria perch and taken with the aeroplanes. This fish killed all other fishes in the lake which made the people at the lake loosing their traditional main source of nutrition. So they are said to had to eat the rubbish of the local fish production industry that processed the Lake Victoria perch – a globalisation tragedy. The lake had fish for the industrial countries and the Africans got weapons instead.

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“Though time is the most precious, because most unrepeatable thing we have got, each time we look back, the thought about probably lost time let us become unquiet. Lost would be the time during which we had not lived as human beings, neither made experiences, learned something, had been creative, appreciated something or had suffered.” – Dietrich Bonhoeffer, killed by the Nazi Regime April 1945, co-founder and martyr of the German Confessionist Church. Translation by the host at the salon,

German original poem:

“Da Zeit das kostbarste, weil unwiederbringlichste Gut ist, über das wir verfügen, beunruhigt uns bei jedem Rückblick der Gedanke etwa verlorener Zeit. Verloren wäre die Zeit, in der wir nicht als Mensch gelebt, Erfahrungen gemacht, gelernt, geschaffen, genossen und gelitten hätten.”

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