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My hope regarding the US presidential elections 2016 was that Sanders would make it. It was months ago when we were able to predict that he would win if he would compete with Trump and Hillary Clinton would rather not if she has to compete with Trump (an article some time later in October 2016: http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2016/10/bernie-sanders-popular). Now we have the outcome and people around me, in the media, relatives and friends often are “surprised” and even “shocked” in a way I cannot stand.

I present a link to an article by Tobias Stone, The Huffington Post, (which was linked by a friend of mine on facebook shortly after the election) and my commentary beneath:


The host at the salon comments:

Indeed I take this article serious, because it is dangerous, demagogic humbug (nice word, the same in German). And the last sentence can also be seen as ridiculous and arrogant but in the end undescribable stupid and unmasking. Just one point: The triumph of Trump is mostly the failure of his hypocritical opponents. I want to read the article of Tobias Stone where he describes how we all would be better off with Clinton and why she will bring an epoch of peace especially for Europe. Is there such an article? Would he write it? I would not follow. I am not in favour of Trump, not in general, but in this case he definitely is the lesser evil. At least there is a chance that the confrontation will not intensify, at least there is the chance. And most of all, people should start to learn something. Learn how the liberals or how you want to call them, call them the establishment, how they failed. We need to end the hypocrisy!

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