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At the moment I am preparing for the German-wide assembly of the Pirate Party. Doing so I stumbled upon a proposal around the Commons topic. As it is said at the commonsblog.worpress.com (in German), Commons are not a certain thing, but the system of relations between people and things which is aiming to the common use and creation of all that should not be owned by anyone alone.

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It would be great if one day I am able to conduct some practical and/or theoretical work about the commons as I planned to do about the Communal Conservancies in Namibia.

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It is almost unbelievable, but there is still civilian peaceful protest in the streets of Syria and organised international support:

Look up: https://www.adoptrevolution.org/en/

Adopt a Revolution is a platform for information in different languages and you can support citizen committees in Syria in their struggle for democracy.

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