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I now changed the header image from the cartoon and the AK-47-fish to a picture of a herd of gnu which I took in the Etosha National Park of Namibia.

The fish was taken from a French poster about the documentary “Darwin’s Nightmare”. It shows the French title and beneath firstly a normal fish, then beneath the same fish, but half as skeleton and half as a gun (which was the part I used in my blog), and thirdly the fish has completely changed into a gun.

The poster tells the main story of the documentary. As I know it goes about the delivering of weapons from industrial countries to the region of the Lake Victoria in Africa. After deliberating what they could take back in the empty aeroplanes they decided to bring a new fish into Lake Victoria. It was called Lake Victoria perch and taken with the aeroplanes. This fish killed all other fishes in the lake which made the people at the lake loosing their traditional main source of nutrition. So they are said to had to eat the rubbish of the local fish production industry that processed the Lake Victoria perch – a globalisation tragedy. The lake had fish for the industrial countries and the Africans got weapons instead.

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The Schengen territory and its Victims

The Schengen territory and its Victims – source: “Atlas der Globalisierung”, 2006, Le Monde diplomatique / taz Verlags- und Vertriebs GmbH

A few days ago I have finished preparing my English translation of my bachelor’s thesis for publishing as ebook and paperback.

Its topic is so called illegal immigration by sea in the Mediterranean – especially in the case of Italy. The German original is from January 2008, but I think it should be still of interest.

The title is “Migration Networks – Illegal Immigration by Sea to Italy – An Insight to the Policies of Italy and the EU” (original, already published at GRIN publishing: “Migrationsnetzwerke…” – see grin.com)

I hope that it is soon available at the internet and in book stores (book on demand).


In this thesis about the boat people in the Mediterranean an emphasis lies on Italy and further on the EU policy on refugees in the Mediterranean under cooperation with African states. Regarding the EU policy it is especially about the border security agency Frontex that has available a rapidly growing budget coming from the EU funds.

The protagonists of the EU politics like to stress that their policies are for the best of the migrants themselves as well as their countries of origins and the ones they are going to, so that they could produce a “triple win situation”. But refugee aid and other human rights organizations criticize harshly that refugees are criminalized and do not get their legitimate rights guaranteed. The NGOs collected numerous examples of inhumane policies against “illegal” migrants in countries around the Mediterranean.

By bringing together the current events, the author wants to describe with this thesis state networks about illegal migration and follow the question if there is the wish of the EU to accord the refugees their rights at all.

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